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About Me

Dr Asif is a medical doctor and fitness coach with expertise in nutrition and wellness. You may recognise him from BBC’S Dragons Den or this year’s The Apprentice. His consultations and supplements are designed to unleash your best self this year.

Consultations Offered

Dr Asif offers a range of 1:1 video consultations where you can discuss anything relating to your health and wellness!

Many of not most of today’s symptoms can be caused by lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, diet and exercise as well as lack of vital vitamins and minerals.

Your usual GP simply won’t have the time nor expertise to go over this with you in a a typically rushed 10 minute NHS appointment.

Not their fault. It’s a crumbling system and one that made Dr Asif leave and create this bespoke 1:1 lifestyle consultation service where we can get to the real ROOT of your problems in a relaxed, non-judgemental and professional setting over half an hour instead of 10 minutes.

Not your typical doctor. Not your typical appointment.

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Dr Asif provides comprehensive online consultations, addressing a wide range of medical concerns. From general health and well-being to fitness, you can consult with Dr Asif from the comfort of your home.

Booking an appointment is easy! Simply book appointment here and follow the simple steps to schedule your virtual consultation. Choose a time that suits you, and you’re all set!

Absolutely, Dr Asif’s online consultations are designed to provide personalised and effective care. The virtual platform allows for a detailed discussion, and you can discuss your concerns just like you would in person.

If Dr Asif determines that a prescription is necessary, he will issue an electronic prescription (e-prescription) directly to Meds4You pharmacy. This convenient process saves you time and ensures a seamless experience.

Yes, your privacy is our priority. We use secure and encrypted platforms to conduct online consultations, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your health information.

You can connect with Dr Asif using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection. No special software is required. Detailed instructions will be provided upon booking your appointment.

Absolutely. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled online to monitor your progress and address any ongoing concerns.

We recommend checking with your insurance provider regarding coverage for online services. We can provide necessary documentation for reimbursement if applicable.

Dr Asif offers online services globally. No matter where you are, you can benefit from virtual consultations with Dr Asif.

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